Pure Highland Lynx Kittens Polydactyl

Snow with Sepia Champagne Markings               


Snowy lynx kittens with light sepia markings all showcasing the rare lynx feature of polydactyl paws, sooo many digits. 

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Raleigh (9)
Raleigh (9)

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FEMALE Polydactyl Snow

Snow with Light Champagne Markings polydactyl back paws, Blue Eyes

Miss Luna  

$1900 CAD (Canadian Dollars $)



Last Kitten for 2022 Available!


She loves to purr and cuddle, would be a great pairing kitty or solo companion to the purrfect home. Fully litter trained, excellent to pet, great with children and a social butterfly showcasing the best of the highland lynx personality.

Such a sweet cuddly bear and so gentle with little human hands. Beautiful soul inside & out. Her rare blue eyes pull your heart strings every time!!


Social butterfly with a natural willingness to please who ever she meets to both little and big humans. She loves loves the company of other kitty's!

Luna is a snow highland lynx polydactyl cub with the big paw look on the front paws (5 toes on each paw) with extra polydactyl back paws (6 toes rear left and 7 toes back right paw). She has stunning blue eyes! Full grown she is expected to be 12-15lbs.

Luna (girl) Birthday: April 3, 2022

Reservation Count Down 

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MALE Polydactyl Snow

Snow with sepia markings, stunning eyes, curled ears and polydactyl Champagne Sepia

6 toes front paws and 5 toes rear paws- Extra Polydactyl on all 4 paws

Mr Snow Tigris 


Meowdel handsome showcasing all desired highland lynx rare traits with the signature snow colouring & sepia pattern, polydactyl all 4 paws, curled highland lynx ears, & light eyes. True Meowdel!!!

.....Think he is gorgeous now (he is!) the markings he showcases are set to be very vibrant and distinct once he reaches one year old.

Tigris is our final kitten to arrive and be available to adopt for 2022!


Tigris is an only child and loves loves cuddles and being the center of attention, no matter if he knows you or its the 1st time he has met our friends & family.


Six toes on each front and 5 toes on each back paw, claiming extra polydactyl toes all round!


Full grown he will be a handsome stud and very big boy at 22-25lbs approximately.

 Tigris (boy only child) Birthday: April 20, 2022 

(note: only Cinderella baby available)

Photos taken in natural light to provide the best quality possible of the kittens.

Photo updates are posted bi-weekly!


Keep in mind that the markings and colourings will become more distinct with age.

To see what they will look like full grown check out our Instagram and Gallery page.