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Prices include Greater Toronto Area delivery as our part for COVID-19 social distancing.


I love connecting with our potential forever homes by phone, video chat or text prior to reservations to answer any questions and help you get the purrfect kitten for your home

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Highland Lynx & Bengal Kitties

Born August 22/20, Ready to go home October 17, 2020

Baby Photos taken Sept 11, Sept 17th! Growing up pics taken Sept 24, 2020 

Note: Reservation date is moved to Oct 3rd as kittens will go home a week later to give them an additional week with mom for their development.

Keep in mind that the markings and colourings will become more distinct with age. To see what they will look like full grown check out our Instagram and Gallery page.

Click arrows to see more pics of each kitten.

Snow Bengal Lynx

Polydactyl showcasing 6 toes on each front paws.

Champagne Markings

Male $2300      Bentley

This cub is snow with incredibly purty sepia champagne markings. Pictures don't even come close to doing this handsome boy justice, although we tried! He currently has blue eyes (looks like they may stay blue) and has super large polydactyl paws with extra toes a special trait of the breed. Full grown he is expected to exceed 20lbs with short to medium plush kitty hair. He is pawsome and so far loves cuddles. His gorgeous markings will become even purrtier as he grows into a meowdel stud. 

Bentley loves to chit chat and has a lot to say to both us and his brothers & sisters! He is confident and loves to strut around meowdeling. I think he already knows how handsome he is. haha

Brown Bengal with massive front polydactyl paws with 7 toes each  Chocolate Markings  King Jagz

Male $1900  


Unique coat colouring with cloudy spotted bengal markings and chocolate striped legs and face. Distinct classic bengal markings with the large lynx front paws. Meowwww!

He is pawsome with his fun personality! Leader of the kitties behind Bentley and loves to have conversations with humans.

King Jagz seeming to have quite a cuddly side to him. 

Silver Male with Modern Rare Grey markings. Polydactyl Star with 7 toes front right & 6 left toes 

$2300      Maserati

Silver cub features our rarest colouring with the modern matte grey markings.

Pictures don't even come close to doing this handsome boy justice, although we tried! He currently has blue eyes (looks like they may stay blue) and has super large polydactyl paws with extra toes a special trait of the breed. Full grown he is expected to exceed 20lbs. 


His personality so far is cuddly, chill, and enjoys naps on his humans laps. He would do wonderfully in a home with a feline companion or sibling!  Maserati picks sleep and sun tanning over play so far.

Past Litter Video! New video coming soon

Girls of the Litter

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!!!

Champagne Highland Lynx

Female with regular front paws with the rare polydactyl back paws one extra toe on each

Mercedes    $1900 


Purrty girl with champagne sepia markings! Expected weight full grown 10-12 lbs, tall and thin meowdel girl. Purrfect for a family fur-end. Champagne colouring is rare and once he reaches full grown the sepia pattern will be incredibly majestic as he struts.

She is a confident kitty who love exploring this whole new world! This girl is soo beautiful each week I am falling more in love with her gorgeous markings and I love how she is cuddly one minute and playful the next. Her anthem, is "girls rule the world"! I can tell she would love to be the one in only kitty in someones life and she would rule it (not to say she wouldn't be good in a pair too). 

Brown Bengal Lynx with Carmel Markings

Polydactyl showcasing 7 toes on each front paws

Vegas       $1700       

Unique coat colouring with carmel spotted bengal markings and chocolate striped legs and face. She has the cutest look with her stunning eyes and those super big polydactyl paws! Full grown she is expected to be 7-10lbs with short to medium plush kitty hair. Meowwww!

Trusting little sweet girl. The way she holds on to you when you hold her its all trust. She will give you a tiny little squeaky voice when she wants something but is ready to hold on for the next adventure. She melts my heart and shows us the privilege we have been gifted to care in hand for such beautiful lynx. 

Vegas Birth Story:

This purrty girl is a little hero being born with a twist in her back right ankle due to the large litter size and being squished in the womb. She had undergone daily physiotherapy and has made a tremendous recovery on her mobility.

How to Reserve?

1. Reservation countdown clock hits 'Reservations Are Open'!

2. What Lynx Kitty/ens is your favourite from our litter photos?

    If the lynx is not marked as RESERVED it is available!

3. To reserve etransfer deposit of $700 per kitten to purrfectlynx@gmail.com

     or drop off a cash deposit.

Kindly note in your etransfer notes or by email or phone (416-455-1357 text or call) the name/s of the kitty or kittens you are reserving. Feel free to note if you have a second choice! If your preferred kitten is reserved your second choice will be considered or a immediate refund depending on your preference.

Ensure you have read adoption details prior to sending deposit.

4. Receive a Purrfect Lynx confirmation with a photo of your kitten/ kitties. 

5. Arrange a time for your Purrfect Lynx/'s to arrive home (pickup or delivery) within 24 hours of the going home date.

To ensure fairness to everyone we reserve based on first deposit ($700) to purrfectlynx@gmail.com or in person.


Our Purrfect Lynx are popular in demand as they are socialized at a young age and are meowdel kitties!

Over the past 4 years our kittens have participated in education, kitten therapy, retrieval and be companions for loved ones. Our kittens have become Insta Stars due to their exotic meowdeling abilities and intelligence for playing catch! 


Why A Reservation Date?

A few reasons!

  • To ensure our Purrfect kitties are achieving their development milestone

    • like opening their eyes, prowling, eating solid foods, and meowdeling

  • Colour and markings are better developed.

    • Did you know our kittens are born with blue eyes and curled ears initially

  • Our best effort to ensure fairness to all our interested forever homes that have been waiting

Our Care

Our kittens are handled and receive the highest quality care throughout the stages of their development. With active and loving personalities they have had the opportunity to learn to climb, play and be held.

The kittens get individualized and group attention by us, as well as friends and family to get them exposed to new people. This socialization at a young age in a hygienic environment, combined with not being weaned until a minimum of 10 to 12 weeks enables them the strongest foundation for the future.

Our Commitment

Our focus is on the kittens growth, development and health. The kittens are raised in our home as our pets with multiple interactions throughout the day and an established routine. This enables them to have the smoothest transition as they go to their forever homes.


Our ask in return is that you carefully consider if your home is suitable for a Purrfect Lynx kitten. Ensure you are committed to care for them as a companion today and into the future.  

Our Guarantee

Having a Purrfect Lynx join your home is very exciting and a ton of fun! We are committed to providing you support as you get your home ready and after your kitten is settled in it's new home. Through our experience we have developed recommendations to provide you with on how to best care for your furry friends, keeping them healthy and happy. 

  • Photo & Video Updates!

  • Starter food and litter supplies

  • Litter training

  • Young kitten nutrition

  • Veterinarian care (1st vaccinations & health check)

  • Flea/ worm protected

  • Care recommendations as you bring your kitten home

  • Continued contact and support for your Purrfect Lynx

All Kittens come with a health guarantee, please ask for details.


Condition of Purrfect Lynx Kitten Adoption

  1. Purrfect Lynx Kittens Ready to Go Home Date are Posted above.                 Purrfect Lynx reserves the right to allow the kitten to stay with mom longer than 10-12 weeks if deemed necessary for the better of the kitties health. Purrfect Lynx will provide a refund and withhold a kitten if it chooses that your home is not suitable for a Purrfect Lynx.

  2. Purrfect Lynx kittens can live 15 plus years.                                                                  These kitties are like dogs in cats bodies they are incredibly intelligent and require love, attention, affection and most importantly committed humans. Sales are final.

  3. Deposits are non-refundable, unless a deposit has been sent and the kitten has already been reserved or something happens to the kitten in our care prior to leaving (based on first deposit to ensure fairness).

  4. Kittens are adopted to pet homes only unless you are an approved breeder with a contract arrangement in advance.

  5. When you meet us or our delivery partner to welcome your kitten home the remaining balance is due.

  6. We are committed to supporting our Purrfect Lynx's through their transition and love to stay connected as your exotic companion grows.


By sending a deposit you are agreeing to the conditions of adoption.

Please kindly note the kittens name highlighted you would like to reserve.

Confirmation will be sent upon deposit being received with your kitten/s photo. 

Reservation of these Purrfect Kittens is now open. No holds, we reserve based on first deposit ($700) to purrfectlynx@gmail.com or in person only. 

Visit Instagram, Facebook or YouTube for video updates!

Registered REFR © Breeder

Proud to be Cat Kingpin Certified

© 2020 by Purrfect Lynx


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