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Pics shared from Our 'Furrever Homes' 

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I know its only been a week but I just want to let you know that I am doing wonderful. IT was a little bit of hard transition but I finally got the humans to do it my way. I got to ride home in what looks like my new big brother lap, I laid still the entire time while my new mom drove home. When I got there it was a big farm house with a big yard., and I might have been a bit scared.  I have a new aunt Stitch and she is the hardest to get along with but I am still trying... she will learn to love me eventually.. I have a Gpa Sky he will tolerate me but I stay back and watch him, they tell me he's the old boy of the house.. and then there is getrdone I put my sights on him and I am sure I am wareing him down. Mom bought me a new toy yesterday and we played together. He kind of looks like my dad so I thought I would try and be his friend first.

On to the people ... my new two legged brother is super fun, he stayed up with me for three nights cause I was lonely, I might have cried alittle too much, but he helped me transition into the house. He even let me sleep with him in a chair by the computer... my new grandparents they adore me too,I sleep on gramma chair and grampa likes to cuddle me and makes me sleepy. 

My new mom has fallen in love with instantly. There isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't try to kiss me. She makes me play hard and then I sleep. They have taken me outside on my leash a few times but I meow alot till they pick me up.

 This morning I think I got the right routine  I followed everyone out to the kitchen to get my breakie. 
I'm doing great and I am fitting in well. 

If your missing me I added pictures to the bottom of this email. 
The first one is my grampas foot I beat it up prior to taking a nap on it.
The second on is my new toy that getrdone and I played with yesterday.
The third is a picture of gpa sky he eats a lot but I wasnt trying to steal anything I just watching.
The last picture is my brother taken me outside on the farm.

Thanks for a awesome home 

Love Tiger

Furrever home Jill - Woodstock, ON

Princess Starrlight the beautiful Bengal Highland Lynx and Sir Hemingway the handsome Blue Highland Lynx.


We arrived in our Furever Home early Summer.


After a couple of weeks in our Safe Room we were ready to explore the rest of our surroundings. Once we were settled in it was off to Camp for a week’s vacation.


We’re enjoying our adventures and look forward to what’s next. We know our Purrfect Pawrents love us very much. We hope they know we love them too 😻😻.

NORM- Thunder Bay, ON

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