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Our Queens & Stud

Queen Porsha Blue Mittens

Porsha Blue Mittens is a Blue Highland Lynx who showcases her curled ears, distinct leopard markings and gorgeous plush fur. She carriers the rare lynx trait being polydactyl with two extra toes per front paw and one extra per back paw weighing 8 lbs. Her personality can be easily described as a 'social butterfly'. She loves to socialize, cuddle and is always ready for a game of play with her favouite toys!


Porsha is an incredible mother and has a strong motherly instinct as she ensure her kittens get continual care, nurturing and tons of grooming! Her love for her kittens and people has her going between humans for pets and kittens for licks in this continual circle. She adores the love and attention of her human friends and showing off her kittens.

Stud Simba

Simba is a Desert Lynx with a stunning pedigree showcasing his sepia markings, snow colouring, pointed lynx ears, naturally stubbed tail, and poly-dactyl four paws (5 extra toes). Simba's strong and muscular physique along with his handsome colouring to go with his grand cat size gives him an exotic look with a domestic cat personality. Simba is a large cat weighing 15 lbs.


He loves to be pet by his family and is a very loyal cat to his best human friends. He loves to observe his surroundings and relax on his favourite perches. Simba has truly lived up to his Lion King inspired name!

Queen Siarra

Siarra is a gorgeous Bengal being brown carmel in colouring with the rosette pattern and distinct Bengal spotted tummy. Her legs have the defined striped patterns with her tail in the white and black tipped rings that contribute to her striking looks. Siarra weighs almost 7 lbs and is a very agile little girl who loves to jump up on perches and explore from all heights. 


She is an extremely intelligent kitty that learns very quickly. Bengals are very chatty kitties and love to speak to their humans and feline friends in a range of voices and calls. Siarra is a beautiful bengal and we are privileged to have her as part of our family.

Queen Porsha Blue 

Stud Simba

Queen Siarra

Registered Rare & Exotic Feline Cattery

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