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Our Amazon & Brand Recommendations

To Prepare For Your Purrfect Lynx Arrival & Restocking

Travel, Litter, Care, Toys and Fun!

CB's Recommendations for Future Supplies

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Purrfect Lynx TIPs! 
Purrfect Lynx are fueled on dry food and litter from Peavey Mart (formerly TSC)->
They have just rebranded and have made a few changes to the products recently that we are still determining if we like.
Cat Trees & Beds
The links to the products above our recommendations to products and feed that we like for Purrfect Lynx.
By clicking and purchasing using our Amazon product links we receive a small referral fee from Amazon.
Every little bit helps us and our Lynx. Thank you! We really appreciate your support and being apart of our Purrfect Lynx community. 
We do not guarantee or endorse these businesses or products, but offer them to be helpful to our community.
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Fun, Spa & As I Grow!
Time for a pawty, nails, and treats!
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